Panchkarma FAQs

Panchkarma FAQs

What is panchkarma?

Panchkarma is detoxification regimen which cleans the body tissue, panchkarma is set of five Different treatments. Which includes vaman, virechana, nasya, basti and rakt mokshan.

Details of five therapies?

1. vamana medicated emesis –

treatment targeted to expel increased kapha dosha out of the body when dosha increased it causes certain types of diseases such as cold, cough, asthma, obesity.

2. virechana –

medicated purgation treatment targeted to expel increased pitta dosha out of body, when pitta dosha increases it causes diseases like liver disease, acidity, gastritis and Etc.

3. Nasya –

Medicated nasal drops. Nose is gateway for head, medicated nasal drops reach all the parts of head, neck and arm. Diseases like neck pain, sinusitis, allergic cough, cold can be cured by Nasya.

4. Basti -

Medicated enema. Basti is described for diseases with imbalanced of vata dosha. Basti useful in diseases like infertility, weight gain, menstrual problems, piles.
It is of three kinds i.e
Niruha - enema is made up of decoction, salt, honey and ghee.
Anuvasana - it is made up of ghee and oil this.
Uttarbarti - administered in urethral route in male and female for reproductive and urinary infection.

5. Rakta mokshan – blood letting

it is an effective blood purification therapy in which carefully controlled removal of small quantity of blood is conducted to neutralize accumulated pitta toxins from blood. It is useful in diseases like high blood pressure, skin disorder etc.

what are the steps involved in panchkarma at our clinic?

Step 1 – consultation with doctor involving physical examination and body constitution (prakriti and parikshan)
Step 2 – suitable panchkarma prescribed by the doctor
Step 3 – plan for panchkarma given with diet regimen.

Can I go for panchkarma even though I m not suffering from any disease?

It is ideal for healthy people for cleansing and rejuvenation

when not to go for panchkarma?

panchkarma therapies should be avoided during fever, injuries, pregnancy, during menstrual cycle