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Tick appropriate answer.

1) How is your appetite
a) Good appetite, eat many times in a day.
b) Stable appetite, moderat intake.
c) Variable sometimes eats more, sometimes less.
2) How is sleep?
a) Sleeps easily and light
b) Sleeps easily and sound, heavy
c)Trouble in sleep
3) How is your thirst?
a) Frequent and excessive
b) Less thirst, can tolerate without drinking water for more time.
c) Moderate and variable sometimes less sometimes more.
4) How is sweating in routine day?
a)Less sweating even in hot climate and no odor.
b) Excess sweating with strong odor.
c) Moderate depending on climate and pleasant smell.
5) How is your bowel Habit/ stool pattern?
a) Regular, once in a day, well formed in consistency.
b) Regular, frequently in a day, semisolid or loose.
c) Irregular, constipation, hard stool .
6) How is nature of your skin ?
a) Delicate, gets wrinkles easily.
b) Dry, rough, many times get cracks on skin.
c) Smooth, firm, good luster.
7) How is your forehead?
a) Large.
b) Medium
c) Small
8) How is pattern of your hair on head?
a) Dark, rough, easily gets dandruff.
b) Thin, grey, become white at early age.
c) Dark, black, good luster, oily hair.
9) How are your teeth?
a) Average, yellowish and have cavities.
b) Dry, cracked, dull white.
c) Large,white.
10) How is your body frame/built?
a) Thin body frame.
b) Medium built.
c) Broad, large built.
11) How is your nature ?
a) Very sensitive, reacts quickly to any situation.
b) Gets irritated easily & sustains for long time.
c) Cool, calm nature.
12) How is your memory ?
a) Remembers easily & forgets easily.
b) Takes time to grasp any subject but retains in memory for long period.
c) Remembers easily and retains memory for long time.
13) How is concentration at work ?
a) Can concentrate but only for short period of time.
b) Trouble to get concentration at work.
c) Can concentrate for a long period.
14) How is your decision capacity ?
a) Takes immediate decision without thinking.
b) Takes decision after proper thinking.
c) Keep decision pending for long period.
15) Which taste do you like more?
a) Sweet, salt, sour.
b) Sweet, bitter, astringent.
c) ungent, bitter, astringent.

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