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Integumentary System

Skin problems – stop self deprecation

Many people who are suffering from skin problem, when they look into the mirror they start finding faults with their skin, face, glow and etc. which creates low moral and stress. As per many research paper low moral and stress worsen the skin problem.
Hence we programmed the people to love their skin and treat them with ayurceutials.

Immunity system

Start boosting your immuniting & stop getting ill

Immune system is a collection of structures and process within the body is to protect against disease or their potentially damaging foreign body.
In Ayurveda immunity known as vyadhikshamatva.
Low immunity causes disease like allergic disease, inflammatory disease and cancer.
According law in to ayurveda low immunity is due to weak digestion this weak digestion creats ama ( toxic substance) which the main reason of any immunity disorder. Hence here we get root cause of immunity disorder.
Digestion – keen appetite and quick digestive wait an you yours”

Digestive system

Keen Appetite and quick digestion wait you and yours. - John Dryden

Acidity, gases, constipation, weight gain, weight loss, gall stones, loose motion, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and etc.
Here we just gave few examples of digestive system disorder from which people and suffering. In this era acidity gas and obesity are mainly seen. Here we treat the acidity, gases problem and obesity. According to body constitution of patient, hence results are very fast.

Endocrine system

Hormones- set them with ayurveda to regulate your body. Hair fall, skin pigmentation, itching, facial boils, are the symptoms of endocrine disorders. If you are suffering from any thyroid disorder there might be symptoms like hair fall, skin pigmentation, if you are suffering from boils and black colour spot or your leg then you are might be suffering from diabetes.
Endocrine system show symptoms like Rasadhatu dushti which mentioned in charaka's text. In these type of diseases panchakarma i.e Shodhana treatments are need of time.

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